Colourful abstract landscape oil paintings created by Carolyn in contemporary colours of muted blues, pinks, oranges, and pale greens as well as deep navy

When I was around 10, I loved sitting on the steps at home on a rainy day gazing at the long shiny road as it disappeared up the hill. The whole scene sparkled. It would literally make my eyes pop with intense pleasure. I’ve never forgotten the sensation. Very occasionally, I get it when I’m painting and I’m always taken by surprise. It’s what keeps me painting. 


Light bulb moment! Wet bitumen made me a painter. 


Suddenly, everything changed about my work, even the colours on my palette. All I have to do now is think “wet bitumen” and I’m back in that place. I’m sitting on those old wooden steps again. I can see that bright shiny road and feel my eyes pop once more. 


My abstract landscape paintings are now inspired by recollections of these moments. 


Time spent walking for miles with school friends who lived nearby. Meandering creeks and rocky outcrops that offered many hours of enjoyment as we explored completely untouched environments. Gnarled old trees and pebble-stone beaches.

The depilated racecourse with old ceramic toilets filled with green frogs that both amazed and scared us silly.


It was a wonderful time.

These works in oil, some on unstretched canvas while others are on stretched canvas, start from $1500AUD.

Unstretched canvas prices include postage in Australia.

Contact me if you'd like to know more.