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Abstract art for bedrooms

When I wanted to redecorate my bedroom, I didn't know where to start. Then I was asked to make an abstract art painting for a friend's bedroom. She had her colours worked out and had repainted a feature wall to suit. After the new couch was delivered, my friend wondered how she was going to bring the varying shades of colours together. Commissioning a painting featuring the main colours was an obvious solution. I was pleased to accept the commission. When the painting was finally hung, everyone was very happy with the result.

I took advantage of a few of my friend's ideas and now my bedroom is a happy place too.

Paintings and family photographs are important to the character of a room. They add a warm, personal touch and create talking points for friends. Bringing various styles and colours together isn't easy but with various colour programs like iPalettes and other online advice, the process need not be daunting. I did a little research, especially when it came to hanging photos in varying frames for a gallery wall. Doing it yourself is incredibly rewarding. The room becomes truly yours. Of course, a trained designer can come up with ideas you would never have considered, but there are plenty of interior design competitions you can watch on YouTube for inspiration.

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