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Heard about Disrupted Realism?

When I stand in front of photorealistic art, I can’t help but be impressed by the sheer determination it takes to render a carefully staged photograph so beautifully.

While the sight is breathtaking, it leaves me with little to remember about the art itself. I can’t savour the first moment of seeing something truly extraordinary. And as for describing the content to others - it’s extremely difficult. All I can think of is the amazing skill.

To my mind, paintings that attract and engage must have a story. They must show something out-of-this-world so that the memory remains with me for ages.

This is why I find the concept of “Disrupted realism” so appealing. I don’t want to look at a polished rendering. I want to be exposed to a gritty world that will blow my socks off!

John Seed, artist and author of “Disrupted Realism”, has included the art of those whom he believes are at the forefront of this new movement. It’s well worth a read because it’s bold, exciting and fascinating.

While the art may not appeal to everyone, there’s no denying it’s an important development that is leading to some of the most exciting work seen for many years.

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