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Top 7 Tips to make Instagram work harder for you

Saw this and thought it might come in handy for those who worry about being effective on Instagram like I do.

1. Post every day - Yikes! But if you want to be seen, it’s a must!

2. Post different things - like close-ups of work, you at your easel, your workspace

, your art in a room setting, a short video (better get used to it!), the completed work.

3. Share your story. Reveal what inspires you, the artists you admire, and how you cope with the difficulties, latest successes.

4. Respond to comments, especially those made on the first day of posting. Use a love heart for the rest to show your appreciation. Or make it personal and send a DM if you really like the comment.

5. Don’t forget the hashtags. Use a different set every time.

6. If the art is for sale, say so. Include measurements and postage details. Ask for a DM to discuss options.

7. Have fun, show you have a sense of humour, keep it real!

Latest figurative work called "The Book Worm". It's on stretched canvas 80cm x 100cm and is in oil. This is the first in a series examining Disrupted Realism, a new movement for contemporary painters who are challenging and reshaping the tradition of Realism.

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