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What makes abstract art good?

Abstract art is only good if it moves you but in order for it to do that, you must take the time to study it carefully, notice how the marks and colours tell different stories, and open your mind to pure sensation. I remember the first time I saw the work of Mark Rothko. The colours vibrated, the simplicity was stunning, and I was completely captured by a variety of both physical and emotional sensations. I love making abstract art. I'm not interested in copying photos or painting what is in front of me. I like to delve into the mysterious crannies of the mind and see what happens. For me, serendipity is what I'm looking for; and when it happens, I have fulfilled my goal. This painting, which is called "Veil" has been painted on a canvas that has an extensive history of mark-making. Many layers have been created, each one informing the next. While the final 3ft x 4ft oil painting looks simple, there is a history beneath that delivers an effect that couldn't be discovered in any other way.

My studio is in Brisbane Queensland Australia, and my abstract landscapes are inspired by my surroundings in both Brisbane city and outback Queensland where I was born.

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