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Why have one when you can have a mind-blowing three?

After many years of experimenting and soul-searching, I’ve realised having one interest is simply not enough for me. This is why I’ve decided to concentrate on three areas of interest.

The first one is Cloud Painting. I am fascinated by skies that continually change and surprise. Much like life, you never know what is going to happen next. The myriad of colours and shapes is amazing. They are fleeting and full of drama. I can be driving along and see the amazing cloud formation and by the time I have parked and reached for my phone, it’s gone!

The second is Landscape Painting. I was born out west in Charleville Queensland. The landscapes are rugged, while the vistas are broad. The subtle colours of pale green combined with vibrant red sand will forever fill my mind. While I take many photos, I don’t copy them. Instead, I remember how I felt when I was there, soaking in each sensation, and trying to memorise shapes and textures that appeal to me.

The third is Abstract Art about Life. I have always loved abstract art that speaks to the soul. Mark Rothko is by far my favourite abstract artist. I love the mood he creates on the huge canvasses, using many layers of colour in the simplest way. Under certain lighting conditions, the colours glow and draw the observer to them. One can’t fail to be impressed by the raw power of his work.

Painting is something I must do.

Like every artist, I have periods of time when I become unsure and tentative. I research the latest trends, study my favourite artists, and once refreshed, I’m ready to do what I love once again.

Here are links to the sites and people that have inspired me.

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