Abstract landscape oil paintings by Brisbane artist Carolyn Morgan 

My abstract landscape oil paintings are inspired by our family travels around Brisbane and outback Queensland. These experiences are combined with an abiding love of nature, colour, shape and texture. I also like the shapes of man-made things that add to the beauty of the environment. Sometimes figures and faces appear in my work. I take this as serendipity and let it lead me to places I would never have considered.

This blue and muted pink abstract landscape painting is inspired by Sydney Harbour. "Harbour" is available now and will make that modern interior truly yours.

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Carolyn Morgan Abstract Art Brisbane



I love to make colourful abstract landscape paintings about the many places I have visited in Queensland and especially Brisbane, the city where I live. I am a storyteller at heart so love to create interesting images that are bold, full of texture and beauty. Please contact me if you'd like to see other works in my collection.

"Harbour" was inspired by the lights of Sydney Harbour at night. This abstract oil painting can be hung either in landscape or portrait format. It is currently available through Bluethumb for $2150.00.

Latest Awards:

Best-in-Show Oil painting - Scattered Arts “Ties” 2018

First prize - Painting Mixed Media - Scattered Arts “Ties” 2018

First prize - Watercolour painting - Scattered Arts “Golden” 2017

Finalist (2 portraits) RQAS Figurative 2016

Finalist (2 portraits) RQAS Figurative 2014

Commended - RQAS - Portrait 2014

Best-in-Show - Oil painting - Scattered Arts “My Queensland” 2014

If you want to add an Australian-inspired painting to make that room extra special, it's a rewarding experience when you buy from a local artist

The modern interior depends on many elements to achieve a restful and coordinated space. When an interior starts to feel uncomfortable and you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong, it may be time to take stock. When I wanted to make my home look comfortable and creative,

I didn’t have a clue when it came to choosing colours or accessories. 

I’d put up a painting or two and hope my eclectic collection of figurative art and small abstracts, photos, colourful accessories and precious objects would make my interiors look vibrant and interesting. 


No such luck! My interiors looked chaotic and uncomfortable.

I didn’t know how to make things better so I gave up. Then, I was asked to make a bespoke painting to bring all colours in a bedroom together. I was dubious at first. Painting to order was something I had never done. 


To cut a long story short, I soon discovered you can make beautiful

fine art that becomes an emotional touch-point. 

After completing the bespoke painting, I was impressed with how pleasing and peaceful the room looked and wanted the same thing for myself.


I started simply by using my paintings to change one room.

It worked and the accessories weren't overly expensive to buy. 

If I can do it, you can do it too! If you would like to know more, click here. 


And if you'd like to ask a few questions about how it works, contact me.

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