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Cloud over Stone Axe.jpg

Contemporary cloud, landscape, and abstract oil paintings
by Australian painter Carolyn Morgan


I’m a Queenslander who lives and paints in Brisbane. I create contemporary oil paintings that capture the elegance and beauty of the natural world. Today, I concentrate on three areas of interest. They are cloud paintings, landscapes, and abstract art about life.

The paintings I make are inspired by intuition and memory. They are filled with light and have a translucent quality achieved through various painterly techniques. All are delicately complex. You will find my best paintings here.  Clouds | Landscapes | Abstracts


Life on her terms.jpg

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It's easy to see the appeal of cloud paintings and why artists love painting them


Clouds are the philosophers of the sky, representing the tenuous, ever-changing nature of life. They embody the unknowable and the unattainable, carrying different meanings and emotions, from enchantment to turmoil, for each observer.


“I have done a great deal of skying. . . . That landscape painter who does not make his sky a very material part of his composition, neglects to avail himself of one of his greatest aids... It will be difficult to name a class of landscape in which the sky is not the keynote, the standard of scale, and the chief organ of sentiment.” John Constable (British Artist, 1776 - 1837)

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