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Abstract Landscape Paintings
 by Brisbane-based
Australian Artist Carolyn Morgan 

Abstract landscape paintings - what makes them different from the rest?

When abstract art made its appearance in the early part of the 20th century, people were shocked.


Instead of realistic landscapes, portraits and architectural views, the world was confronted with vivid colours and shapes that were devoid of any representational shapes whatsoever. Instead, the paintings deliberately played on emotions and sensations, much like poetry and music does.


Traditional tools were abandoned and gestural marks made with anything that came to hand became the norm.


The most well-known painters of abstract art are Picasso, Klee, Kline, Rothko (my personal fav), and Pollock. Each discovered unique visions that had a significant impact on the art world.


I live and make abstract landscape paintings in Brisbane Queensland Australia.


The reason I make abstract paintings with a landscape focus is because I love everything about the natural world and want this to be reflected in my work. I paint intuitively, making the invisible visible, and am determined to make a connection to the colours, shapes, and textures of the landscape. This makes my abstract landscape paintings deeply personal.


When a vessel appears in one of my landscape paintings, I know the painting is meant for a very particular person and wait for a connection to be made.


Because each of my “Soul Essence” abstract landscape/vessel paintings delve into complex human experiences, they always attract the right person. Those who now own one of my soul vessel paintings are invariably touched and use them for meditation which pleases me enormously.


Today, there are many local artists who seek to create extraordinary paintings that delight and amaze. If you are interested in buying from local artists, then an art trail is one of the best places to start. Not only do you get to see what’s happening in the local market, but you also get to speak with the makers themselves.


An art trail I try not to miss is The Samford and Surrounds Art Trail and Open Studios, generally held in June. Artists of all kinds open their studios and it is a great opportunity to see how each one approaches their work.


I have a small collection of gorgeous miniature works from local artists I admire. It’s a great way of supporting local artists and I enjoy looking at these small works every day.

Photo of Carolyn Morgan who is an abstract landscape artist from Brisbane

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I love to make abstract landscape paintings that tap into my love of the landscape and the mysteries of my own intuition.


As a storyteller at heart, my passion is to find beautiful engaging images that attract enquiring people who want to explore inner meanings on a completely different level.


Please contact me if you'd like to know more.

An abstract landscape painting featuring a vessel filled with colour and texture

Introducing the abstract landscape paintings in my "Soul Essence" series. Each painting is in oil and painted on quality stretched canvas 40cm x 50cm.