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Abstract Landscape Paintings
 by Brisbane-based
Australian Artist Carolyn Morgan 


Seeking to make the invisible visible, each abstract painting is drawn from intuition, based on the landscape, and inspired by people I know and even those I don't (yet!). Vessels sometimes appear within each work containing the soul essence of what makes each person or place special. No two are the same. I never know how each painting is going to turn out, they almost paint themselves. Sometimes I realise for whom the painting is meant once it is finished. Other times I wait for that special person to appear. That's what making art of this kind so special!

Introducing the abstract landscape paintings in my "Soul Essence" series. Each painting is in oil and painted on quality stretched canvas 40cm x 50cm.

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An abstract landscape painting featuring a vessel filled with colour and texture
Photo of Carolyn Morgan who is an abstract landscape artist from Brisbane



I love to make interesting and inspiring abstract landscape paintings that tap into my love of the landscape and the mysteries of my own intuition. As a storyteller at heart, my passion is to find beautiful engaging images that attract enquiring people who want to explore inner meanings on a completely different level.


Please contact me if you'd like to know more.