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Carolyn Morgan is a Brisbane-based landscape painter who juxtaposes the beauty of nature against the classical beauty of music in her work.

With the use of etherial and luminous landscapes, Carolyn Morgan captures a magical rhythm and wonder that brings forth a sensation of visual pleasure and wonder. Inspired by the musical works of great composers, Carolyn creates works that explore the depths and nuances between the music and the environment. Through her landscapes and cloudscapes, she brings out the physical harmony and beauty of both.

"In my artistic exploration, I translate the intricate language of classical music into vibrant visual landscapes. Inspired by emotional nuances and melodies, my work blurs the lines between sound and color, inviting viewers to experience a dynamic interplay between the two. Through deliberate brushwork and a diverse palette, each painting becomes a harmonious blend, capturing movement and emotion inspired by the timeless compositions that fuel my creativity. My paintings serve as an invitation to share in the transformative power of art, where sound and colour converge, creating a symphony for the eyes and a visual crescendo for the soul".


1962 - 63 Queensland College of Art 

1963 -2018 - Designer and Director


2018 - 2024 Full time painter specialising in landscapes, cloudscapes and portraits

2009 - 2018 Royal Queensland Art Society Life Drawing

2019 Creative Visionary Program 

Awards and Commendations:

Finalist - 2022

RQAS Queensland Figurative 

Finalist - 2020

RQAS Queensland Figurative 

Best-in-Show - 2018 Scattered Arts

First prize - 2018 Scattered Arts


First prize -  2017 Scattered Arts


Finalist  - 2016

RQAS Queensland Figurative 

Finalist  - 2014

RQAS Queensland Figurative

Commended - 2014

RQAS Queensland Figurative

Best-in-Show - 2014 Scattered Arts 

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