About Carolyn Morgan

When I was around 10 years old, I loved sitting on the steps at home on a rainy day gazing at the long shiny bitumen road as it disappeared up the hill. The whole scene sparkled with light. It literally made my eyes pop with pleasure. I wondered how I could capture the light and made childish drawings with coloured pencils. From then on, I knew that I wanted to learn how to draw and paint properly. Going to art school became my ultimate goal.


My dream finally came true when I attended the Queensland College of Art in the 60s. Drawing and painting filled my days and I enjoyed every minute! At the end of the course, I went on to join the advertising and design professions as most of my classmates did. Talent was well rewarded and there was plenty to learn.


I thoroughly enjoyed my career in advertising and design. It was a world filled with enormous excitement and creative challenges. Winning awards was the icing on the cake and I’m proud to say I received my fair share.


Secretly though, I dreamed of the day I would finally remove my creative hat and become a full-time painter.


I’ve now been painting full-time for almost 14 years. The Australian landscape has been my focus. Compositions are drawn from memory. Tapping into the unknown, following my intuition, and being open to "the vibe" are important parts of my art practice.


I am a storyteller at heart, so my paintings often reflect on life and the environment.


Recent Awards


Finalist - RQAS Queensland Figurative 2022

Best-in-Show Oil Painting - Scattered Arts “Ties” 2018

First Prize - Painting Mixed Media - Scattered Arts “Ties” 2018

First Prize - Watercolour painting - Scattered Arts “Golden” 2017

Finalist (2 paintings) RQAS Queensland Figurative 2016

Finalist (2 paintings) RQAS Queensland Figurative 2014

Commended - RQAS Queensland Figurative - 2014

Best-in-Show - Oil painting - Scattered Arts “My Queensland” 2014